Monday, November 29, 2010

Accept the call for you are chosen

Hadassah woke every morning before the sun shown through her window.  This time was her appointment with God she went to her secret place and wrote to her heavenly Father, her best friend her confidant.

This morning was particularly special, she was about to make a giant step and wanted to follow his lead.

Dear Father of heaven and earth,

You placed me here O’ God.  I feel your Heavenly Spirit pulling at my heart.  Lead me in your direction as I am faithful to do your will.  Continue to guide me, open the way so clearly that I might see your light shining before I enter.  Block the road that may lead to destruction so that I won’t be tempted to walk the wrong path.

Fill my heart with gladness and restore my thoughts of any hesitation to hearing your voice.  Rejoice over me this morning I am your obedient daughter who serves the most-high God, Lord you are my King.

Prepare me Lord as I obey the decree set from our earthly King Xerxes.  I know you direct his steps and I will follow after you.  I am anxious and afraid of the unknown.  Father, cover me with peace and comfort. 

Blessings to my dear cousin Mordecai he has always been like a father to me ever since my parents died, he raised me as his own.  He has been so wonderful to me, he loves me like a daughter and I love him more then I can express.  Lord shower Mordecai with double portions of favor while I am away.  Keep him under your wing of protection.  Guide him in every direction.

I feel your spirit all around me.  My heart is warm and happy with anticipation of what you are doing at this very moment.  It’s overwhelming!  I praise you that you always hear me when I call and you always answer me.

Thank you, Lord that I may serve you with my whole heart.  I accept your call on my life. I am ready Lord….send me.

Who is Hadassah? __________________________________

Read Esther Chapter 1 and Chapter 2: 1-8

What is your opinion of King Xerxes request to Queen Vashti? _______________________________________________

Did Queen Vashti over react?  __________________________

What decree was sent out because of Vashti’s behavior? _______________________________________________

Read Chapter 2:1-8

Why was a second decree sent out? _______________________________________________

Where was Esther brought and under who’s care? _______________________________________________

Read Esther 2:9 although all these circumstances seem like the fault of Queen Vashti, who was God strategically placing in the Kings palace? __________

Esther had the favor of God over her life.  She was obedient to the call and God began orchestrating his plans for her “at such a time as this”.

Begin today…set an appointment with God each day.  Enter into his courts with praise and adoration.  Write a prayer journal and begin speaking a favored life over you and your family.  Watch as God changes earthly circumstances into strategic plans for making your life more then you expected.

Stay tuned for what’s next… “Esther is Chosen”


  1. I take that Challenge! I will meet with Him early in the morning as He calls my heart to prayer and presence!
    This was another awesome entry! Keep up the prayerful work! I can feel His presence in your words!

  2. I felt as if I were right there, journal in hand, sun warming me as it streamed in the window. Praise the Lord.

  3. Oh! to be "ready" when the Bridgroom calls...So may my oil be ever so Full, that like the wise virgins..."I can hear" "His voice", over the many voices...that appear with garments that look so fitting for a King and they are not!...*Holy spirit!!!...dwell deeply within, that I may be without spot or blemish...for this KING of Kings...who will seek a bride with her eye single...& her feet covered in oil of committment, sober minded & willingly do valiantly for the Lord....may I be so graced in His name, Jesus!