Sunday, January 23, 2011

A slice of heaven in 2011 ~ a guide to setting spiritual goals

Well here it is~ 2011 “Happy New Year” I know I’m a little late.  I have been kicking off the New Year with many new adventures in my life.  Before I continue the CHOSEN chapter, my story of Esther.  I want to share with you something that is very high on my priority list every January and hope you will try it out this year.

Each year I take a new note book and name it a word that the Lord has put on my heart to move toward.  In the past few years I've named it “humble” or “faith” this year it will clearly be..."Still”. 

I believe I named it "Still" because GOD has moved me into a new life.  A place where know one knows me and does not have an opinion of who I am.  He is showing me how “humble” I am as I sit still.  I won’t lie it’s hard for me and I have had many days that I feel lost.  I ask Him, Lord why did you train me for all these years to lead, teach and mentor women just to have me sit and be still. It’s killing me… please give me something to do.  I want to minister and don’t want to be useless.  I am a vessel waiting to be poured out. He just says be still.  So here I am in Montana on a mission to be still and know that He is GOD.  And I am okay with it because I get to minister through “It’s the Cowgirl Way”.

This year my notebook “Still” began in prayer and writing out my spiritual goals.  People don’t like the word “goals” but I find purpose in setting goals.  It allows me to move deeper in knowing GOD and he likes me to rise above what I am capable.  He moves me up above the heavenlies into His realm of the unknown where I am not comfortable. 

Next I write out prayers for each one of my family and friends as the Lord leads me.  I stand in faith on each one of those prayers.  It’s my way of speaking life and blessings over my family and friends.  Above is a picture of the house my husband has been building for the past 6 months. My main prayer now is to get that finished without debt.  We should be moving in February and my husband Craig will begin to look for a full time job.

Then I set my financial goals; I always think of Jabez and how all he did was ask and God blessed him.  I love that story  so I never miss my chance to pray for prosperity and I commit my tithes.  I decide what I want to pay off and how much I want to save. I decide if I am taking any vacations and my strategy to afford it.  I also pray for work and safety.  I pray for people I work with and anything else I can think of.

I set goals for health; last year I stopped buying premade dinners and made a goal to only cook homemade.  This year I am changing my kitchen back to alive, fresh, organic, raw, natural, wild and healthy foods.  I am getting out the juicer, dehydrator and sprouting.  I will be canning and preserving.  I want to grow a small root garden this year and set up a root cellar.  I will begin a core exercise program once I get moved into my own home.

My education goals is to take the Montana State Therapist License and transfer my California State Therapist License while I am babysitting Sonny I can study.  I will also take the leadership classes at the Cowboy Church as they come up.

My scripture of the year is… Matthew 10:16 Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doe’s.

My 2011 Chapter is Psalm 119 read, memorize and live it.

I print out a schedule off the internet to read the Bible through the year.  I choose my own order and I check it off as I finish each one.  I don’t get hung up on only reading what the plan says per day.  I just read as long as I want and check it off as I read it because some days I just don’t get to it and that way, if I miss I probably already read my daily reading for that day anyways.  It’s a challenge and I love it.  I make a commitment to read every morning, night or when I can spend good quiet time.  I also keep my notebook with me and write down scriptures or prayers that coincide with the reading for that day.  This is how I keep my journal and find my secret place with my Father in heaven. 

I hope by sharing my little journey of what I do will bring a hovering peace over your life.  I am expecting “Double Blessing’s” this year.  I pray over each and every one of you today.  I would appreciate any feedback or let me know if you want prayer and encouragement as you begin this year of prosperity and abundance.

I love you all and be blessed in your slice of heaven in 2011.